Used Sails

The following A Scow Sails are available now. Please CLICK HERE if you would like to submit an ad to sell your A Scow Sails.

WANTED: Asymmetrical Spinaker

DESCRIPTION: I am looking for an asymmetrical spinnaker that flies off the bow for my A-scow that predates the bowsprit era.
PHONE: (647) 627-7762

FOR SALE: Used Sails

DESCRIPTION: Gently used mains, jibs & kites all in very good condition. I will have everything in Oshkosh if you are interested.
PRICE: $500-$1000 USD
CONTACT: Tom Freytag
PHONE: (312) 296-6031

FOR SALE: Lots of A scow sails!
DESCRIPTION: I have lots of extra sails of various years and condition. Call me to see if I have what you need.
CONTACT: Rob Evans
PHONE: (612) 275-6010