ILYA Champs

So after day 3 it was consistency that paid off. Team Cosmic Warrior sealed the deal with a 3-2 on the final day. Although it wasnt looking good at the start when we fouled the V-333 and had to do a spin, which left us in DFL temporarily. To me it was groundhog day, as that was the exact same way we started day 3 at last years inlands. But the difference was this year we came back strong and finished 3rd in the race. The race was won by Team Melvin who won the previous race as well. The leader board was tight going into the final race. Porters and the M-1 jumped out to a huge lead, Andy got into the mix on the downwindwe knew we had to sail well to clinchthen Hootie fell out of the boat at the leeward mark! We got him back in pretty quickly, amazingly dude still had his shades and his visor onnice job bro. The breeze died, then filled, then died again. Porters won the race.Robbie won the event. Now I can sleep and dry out a bit