North 1,2,3 at the 2002 ILYA Invitationals!

Report byAndy Burdick

The 2002 ILYA A Scow Invitational was held on Pewaukee Lake, a famous scow lake for many year. 21 boats competed for the title. 3 races were held in light-medium wind conditions.

The varying conditions reaffirmed in peoples minds the dominance of North A scow sails as North Sails took places 1-5. Full inventories were found on all 5 lead boats. These boats have a sail inventory of 1 main, 2 jibsand 3 spinnakers. The North logo was prominent!

Buddy Melges and his team dominated the event with a 1,1,2 score. Andy Burdick was 2nd, John Porter 3rd, Tom Burton 4th and Coleman Norris was 5th.

The choice is very clear in this high speed race fleet. North Sails are the best sails available to the racing public!

Congratulations North!

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