Pat Hughes’ Melvin Wins 2012 A Scow ILYA Big Inland Championship

Congratulations to Pat Hughes, owner of Melvin (M-21) from Minnetonka, MN. Hughes took home the 2012 A Scow ILYA Big Inland Championship title for the very first time ever. With a very emotional acceptance speech, Hughes took the opportunity to recognize each member of his team and for seven years of effort. Chris Andert announced his retirement as he’ll be re-locating to Florida. In particular, Chris has been a member of the ILYA Board and his love for the C Scow is unparalleled. His C World will transitioned this forthcoming Fall as well. Alongside of Hughes were a joyful Chris and Tony Jewett, Skip and Terry Jewett, Rick Kotovic. Also added to the team this year was the addition of Harry Melges’ III and IV.

Hughes won the very first race of the series, ultimately giving him the victory over a very strong and competitive fleet of 22 A Scows. After the first day of racing at the Big Inland, hosted by the Mendota Yacht Club, only one point stood between first and second. There was no wind on day two or three, meaning the results after one day stood as final.

The Silverhawk Team, comprised of owner Terry Blanchard and driver Andy Burdick, graciously congratulated Team Melvin on their huge win. The Silverhawk Team won the coveted Perrigo Trophy for the best combined performance at Nationals (back in June) and the ILYA Champs. The Silverhawk Team also included the skillful efforts of crew members Jim Peterson, Ben Porter, Peter Keck, Molly Forbes and Joe Kutschenreuter.

Finishing third overall, was Vincent Porter at the helm aboard Eagle USA. They won the third race of the series. In addition to owner John Anderson, Matt Ripkey, Kyle Navin, Hannah Ripkey, Chris Impens, Greg Gifford, Ryan Fitzgerald and Dave Navin were crew. Upon accepting the third place trophy, Porter acknowledged Gifford’s extraordinary valiant efforts when their starboard board malfunctioned. For an entire leg, Gifford reverse hiked (leaned overboard) and held the board up in the board slot wishing for a tack or finish.

Rounding out the top five finishers include Rob Evans on Cosmic Warrior with Geoff Evans, Mark Christiansen, Matt Hansen, Maclean Potts, Derek Packard and Gavin Potts. Tom Burton with Jud Dayton, Chris Thompson, Richie Anderson, Pat and Cory Fleming and David Chute came fifth on Instigator.

The Lamphere White Magic Team claimed race two. Helmsman and owner Chuck Lamphere and his crew of Jon Just, John Porter, David Porter, Miles Clark, Shannon Harring, and Paul Nelson finished the event in sixth overall.

1.) Pat Hughes, Melvin (M-2); 1-5-2 = 8
2.) Terry Blanchard/Andy Burdick, Silverhawk (I-28); 3-3-3 = 9
3.) John Anderson/Vincent Porter, Eagle USA (I-1); 9-2-1 = 12
4.) Rob Evans, Cosmic Warrior (M-1); 6-8-4 = 18
5.) Tom Burton, Instigator (M-8); 4-4-12 = 20
6.) Chuck Lamphere, White Magic (I-96); 8-1-15 = 24
7.) Lee Alnes, Euphoria (W-25); 7-11-8 = 26
8.) Tom Whowell, G-Force (I-12); 5-17-5 = 27
9.) Carl Zinn, Amazinn (M-35); 10-9-11 = 30
10.) John Dennis, Lucky (M-2); 11-6-14 = 31
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