Burdick/Blanchard Lead After Day 2

Big wind today causing the loss of five boats. Thanks to Jim Smith and Dave Garber for the rescues of two wooden boats. Team Dave and newly acclaimed Team Jim utilized a two-boat system to pull the boats from the bow and side to bring the mast to the surface.  One mast and four tipovers with two turtles provided the day’s excitement for the volunteers who stepped up to be rescue boats.

M4 wins race 2 today- Joel Ronnig with Sam Rogers as tacticion. I28 (Burdick/Blanchard) won race 1.

The excitement of competion was a Geneva-Minnetonka showdown. The sailing is action -packed, teams were exhausted in the 20 mile gusts, tacking duals – it’s all there! Burdick won the day with a 1-3. the Minnetonka boats showed their experience. The M-1, skippered by Rob Evans, had a 2-4 today. Geneva boats I-1, the Eagle skipped this regatta by Vincent Porter, and I-7, Madcap skippered by T Freytag, tied for the the second day in a row and remain in 2-3 spots.

The evening party was at the Hughes. Be sure and watch the interviews and video.