A Scow Inland Day One In The Books

A more beautiful day could not have been ordered. The morning was a steady 8-10 with winds building for the second race. Today promises to bring more excitement with forecasted winds of 20-25. The rides should be adrenalin-packed.


The start!!! One general recall due to a wind shift in sequence. Otherwise clean starts thanks to PRO Tom Hodgson.

a fleet action

Here is the fleet in action. The I-96 demasted and has left the event. Thanks to Brad and Susanna Robinson for assisting with the rescue. The V-O will reappear today after needing repairs. The fleet added seventh crews for the second race today.


Twenty-five boats on the downwinds brought a sense of elegance to these waters. RC boats of Jock Irvin, Peter Wattson and Blake Middleton kept the course straight and advantageous for the most stunning downwind rides.

Highlights of the day:

  • viewing the wooden Cindy Lou. Thanks to Fletcher Driscoll and his White Bear crew
  • watching the I-26 round first in the first race. Congrats to Mike Keefe
  • watching the G Force with its red mast port tack the fleet and head up alone for the first leg of race two
  • following the Facebook blog with more than 10 calls as the I-96 landed safely. You are all watching Facebook and enjoying the racing right along with us up here
  • free drinks included each day in the social package. Minnetonka has maximized its sponsorships with food donated or subsidized – support the sponsors while you are here
  • visiting a local Wayzata restaurant to find three complete teams enjoying the fare
  • volunteers everywhere in blue shirts to help us, wine and dine us, clean up after us. It’s quite a force

The winners are:

Vincent Porter is driving the John Anderson Eagle. Other crew members are Junior Impens, Ryan Fitzgerald, Clifford Porter, David Navin and Greg Gifford.


The Silverhawk, owned by Terry Blanchard, added seventh Molly  Forbes to join Andy Burdick, Joe Kutschenreuter, Peter Keck, Ben Porter, Jim Petersen.

Photos are thanks to JH Peterson, official photographer for the event, and spectator Pat Dunsworth. Photos from all four days are loaded onthe ILYA media page.

You can follow the action on Kattack but the I-28 was not “on” yesterday. They will return to electronic action today.

TOP FIVE RESULTS  (After 2 races)
1.) Burdick/Blanchard, Silverhawk
2.) Porter/Anderson, Eagle
3.) Dennis/Rickman/Vergburgt, Lucky
4.) Freytag, MadCap
5.) Tom Whowell, G Force
Full Results 

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