Minnetonka Yacht Club Teams Up With Penalty Box Productions For Zinn Family Realtors 2011 I.L.Y.A. Championship Regatta

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – July 22, 2011 – Minnetonka Yacht Club announced today it will team up with Penalty Box Productions (PBP) to broadcast pre-race morning shows, on-water and post-race analysis spots during the upcoming ILYA A-Scow Championships on Lake Minnetonka August 15-17, 2011.

All video coverage will be available online at http://www.inland2011.org and click on the “Live Media Coverage” link.

“We‟re fortunate to have one of the premier action sports documentary producers as a long-time member and sailor for MYC so we were excited to team up with Penalty Box for the ILYA champs,” said Rick Kotovic, regatta co-chair. “In other sports, it‟s easy to watch the playback tapes and critique your performance – with sailboat racing, it‟s a bit more complicated so the services Pete will provide us will be very-well received by not only racers, but fans alike.”

PBP will provide racers and fans with a unique off-the-water video entertainment package. Racing coverage will include:
• Pre-race morning shows – lakeside interviews with race winners, regatta leaders and sponsors
• Highlight reel of daily racing including starts, mark roundings and likely a few blunders
• Post race interviews and commentaries “I’m stoked to get back to my home lake to shoot the A Scow portion of the ILYA Championship,” said Pete Crawford, president of Penalty Box Productions. “I spent more than 4 years researching and archiving A Scow history and footage for my first documentary “The Ultimate Ride” and I’ve been blessed to have raced with this fleet for 20 years.

“I’ve had the opportunity to cover some very high profile events and travel the world doing so, but coming back to Lake Minnetonka to produce this event and to see all my oldest and closest friends will be a special one for sure. I have sometimes been referred to as the “Warren Miller of sailing footage” which to me is a huge compliment, and I strive to live up to that… every time. Like his films, I use a mixture of amazing footage, great music, and candid interviews with the characters involved in the sport, which to me is what its all about. Lets pray for breeze!“- more – MYC & Penalty Box Productions / Page Two

Chris Love will provide E Scow race coverage during the E Scow championships August 19-21st. Coverage will include daily shows, daily race recaps and post-race interviews all viewable at www.inland2011.org by clicking on the “Live Media Coverage” link.

“It will be an honor and a privilege to create video for the Inland Championship for my third year in a row,” said Chris Love. “Nowhere in the world can you find anything quite like the Scows, the lakes and the characters of the ILYA!”

Information on the Zinn Family 2011 ILYA Championship Regatta, as well as on-line registration forms and the Notice of Race (NOR), is currently available at http://inland2011.org. Fans and sailing enthusiasts can follow the racing action through on-water updates on Twitter and on Facebook.