Rob Evans Dominates At 2011 A Scow Nationals

The 2011 A Scow National Championship, hosted by the Oshkosh Yacht Club officially got underway on Friday with Lake Minnetonka’s Rob Evans on Cosmic Warrior (M-1) issuing a call of complete and total domination. After two races, his impressive 1-1 scoreline puts him ahead by 5 points in a field of 17 deep.

Currently seated in second place is Joel Ronning on Catapult (M-4) and Lake Geneva’s Terry Blanchard on Silverhawk (I-28) sits third overall. The battle for second place is on as Ronning and Blanchard sit dead even with seven points a piece.

The first race of the day presented Evans across the line first, with Ronning and Blanchard finishing respectively. The three-way ownership team of Dennis/Rickman/Verburgt on Lucky (M-2) fought their way to finish fourth, while the Klauser/Haines team aboard Valkyrie (V-999) grabbed fifth.

Evans offered up another bullet to win race two, and not far behind finishing second, was reigning National Champion Tom Freytag on MadCap (I-7) with Chuck Lamphere on White Magic (I-96) having third. Blanchard and Ronning continued to duel for position finishing fourth and fifth.

More racing continues on Saturday.

TOP TEN RESULTS (After two races)
1.) Rob Evans, Cosmic Warrior (M-1); 1-1 = 2
2.) Joel Ronning, Catapult (M-4); 2-5 = 7
3.) Terry Blanchard, Silverhawk (I-28); 3-4 = 7
4.) Chuck Lamphere, White Magic (I-96); 6-3 = 9
5.) Tom Freytag, MadCap (I-7); 10-2 = 12
6.) Klauser/Haines, Valkyrie (V-999); 5-7 = 12
7.) John Anderson, EAGLEusa (I-1); 8-6 = 14
8.) Dennis/Rickman/Verburgt, Lucky (M-2); 4-12 = 16
9.) Brian Henke, Fast Forward (V-57); 7-9 = 16
10.) Jay Yaeso, Adrenaline (J-311); 9-10 = 19
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